Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Co-op Gameplay

[ Kit, ] -Wow. Wow Bowser Jr., is a powerhouse. [ Krysta ] -Look at this. -Look at this -- -Yes -- -Look at this teamwork. [ lively, big band, music ]. This is the first time that anything's ever gone.

Right. [ laughter, ] Cat Shine. -Cat Shine, get -Got to Ca-cat Shine, get it's, kinda a mouthful. -Yes. -Cat Shine get <. I > [ Kit, laughs, ], <, /i, > -W-w-wait, stop talking there's; cats. [, mischievous flute, music, ] [ meowing noises ], [, Nintendo Minute jingle ], [, cheery, synth, music, ], [, Krysta, ] -Hey, guys welcome back to Nintendo Minute.

. We are very excited today to be playing some Super Mario 3D World Plus Bowser's, Fury. [ Kit, ] -That's, right. -But, specifically today we are playing the <. I > [ Kit ] -Bowser's; Fury. [ Krysta ] -Bowser's; Fury part of it.

< /i >, [, cheery, orchestral, music ], You're Mario. I am Bowser Jr. -- -Yes. This is very cool. -where. They -- -We're playing together. -Yeah. -Yeah. -We're playing the the co-op -- -Right. -which is really cool.

You know um. This is a bit different than the um, then Super Mario 3D World, where it's. You know level-based.. This is more of like a open, world., Yeah. -Right.. This is like a whole big, open area.

. We're in this kind of islandy area, -Mm-hmm -- -and this is the very first area, but you can already see off in the distance there's, these, like lighthouses, that have -- -Yup. -gunk on them that we'Re gonna be uh going to.

Oh. -Is. That is that, for you Look how helpful. Look, how helpful I am. -Yes, you're, very helpful., -I am., I don't need to deal with your climbing. I can just. I can just hover around -You can go, do your own thing! Yeah.

-which is cool yeah. And then, of course, I can attack as well. -- -Right. -with, my paintbrush here. -There. We go., Oh h-help, me: Oh get these coins. -Too late. -Oh. -What. I really like also, if you're playing as Bowser Jr.

is, if you go like too far away from me, I just need to press L and R and it's super easy to just kind of -Right. -get right back next To you. Um so that's, that's, really fun and easy. -W-w-wait stop talking there's; cats.

[, mischievous flute, music, ] [, meowing noises ] -Look at this cat. -Oh pick it up., [, laughter, ], [, orchestral, Music returns ] -Ah, it doesn't like me, picking it up like this. [ laughter, ], -No cat does first of all.

-They're like & quot. Why is Mario look like a cat carrying me, an actual cat & quot -An? Actual cat. -Ooh. -Ah -Oh no -You threw a cat at me., [ laughter, ], Oh no.. How could you -It's? Cat-A-Strophic.

[ laughter, ] -It's; a cat-a-strophe < i > [ Kit, ] -Yeah., <, /i, >, -Oh., -These, beautiful vistas. -Back to these vistas.. -There's. A lot of sludge right now, but you kind of clear that off as you go.

-You can get you get the idea that this is a pretty big area and yeah there's a there's a lot there'S kind of a lot goin'on. -Oh.. Now this is a thing that you can do. Um. So did you see on that wall? That kind of like question mark --, -Oh, yeah, yeah.

, -graffiti, looking thing -Mm-hmm. -So, you can go over there and um paint on that and something will happen. -Oh. -Do it. -I'm doing it. -Do it -I'm, doing it. -Yes. Yes. -Ooh., That's, really cool. -Item nice.

-Wow. I'm, so artistic I'm. An artistic ge- [ laughter ], Who knew -Just swinging this -Bowser Jr. was such an artistic genius. -paintbrush all over the place.. All right now, you need to help me here'cause these.

They're everywhere. Please., Oh yeah., -OK! Let me let me let me get the -- -Clear. The way for me. -This is cleared for you.. -This is helpful. This is good. Wow., Wow -- -Look at this -- -Bowser Jr.

is a powerhouse. -Look at this -- -Yes. -Look at this teamwork. -Yes. -This is the first time that anything's ever gone. Right. [ laughter, ], Thanks. -It's like almost every enemy in Bowser's. Furry is is a cat version which is kind of funny -- < i > [ Krysta ] -Did.

You did you almost say: Bowser's & quot Furry & quot < /i, > <. I > Because it's. Bowser's; Fury. < /i, > -No. I didn't, say that., [, laughter, ] -Oh. The oh. There's, Fury Bowser. You can see him like emerging.

-Ooh. -I don't like it. -You, can see his very menacing. Looking looking -- -Ah, [ laughter, ] -Where did this guy come from -He's like in a --, -Ah, -corner or something.. Let me help you. -Help me. -Let me help you my goodness.

-Oh. Oh now, oh the now that is uh -- -Oh. -Yes., A Cat, Shard. -Cat Shine, Shard Cat Shine Shard. -Which is similar to like some of the colored coins that you would get in uh other Mario games -Yup. -and uh I can just have you be my Little helper -Let's, see if I can -- -and get and -- -Eh.

-Yeah there we go. Perfect. -Here, we go. Yeah. -Yeah., Oh, but here's here's, the uh Cat Shine, you see., [ heroic brass victory. Jingle ] Cat Shine Get -Cat Shine, got to Ca-cat Shine, get it's, kinda a mouthful.

< i > [ Kit, ] -Yes., <, /i, > -Cat Shine Get [ laughter, ] -Now. This is um the the Giga Bell < i > [ buzzer beep noise, ] < /i >, which will allow you to turn into Giga Cat Bowser <. I > [ buzzer beep noise, ], <, /i, > and actually like -- -No Giga Cat Mario.

<. I > [ ding ping noise, ], <, /i, > -do, do excuse me yeah. <, i > [ buzzer beep noise, ], <, /i, >, Giga Cat Mario., [ laughter, ] -Oh. Here we go. It's. A Giga Bell. -Oh see he's. Gon na explain, it.

You're, explaining it badly, so -- -I'm doing it. Badly. -So Bowser Jr. will explain it. -I'm, not Bowser Jr. no., But we cannot do that. Now. -No we don't, have enough of the Shines. -We need five- -The Cat Shines.

-Cat Shines.. Look how big it is though.. -That's, a big that's. Why it's; a Giga, -Yeah., -ya, see. Giga means big ... facts. < i > [ lighthearted ding noise, ], <, /i, >, [, laughter, ], -Pounce, Bounce Island.

, -Pounce, Bounce Isle. -Oh. This this is fun. Yeah., Oh use, the uh -Oh you can. You can do your little. Oh cute., Oh. -jump jump pads. -Cats don't like water. -Cats. Do not like water, [, laughter ].

I was just gonna -- -Let's. Let's. Let's, see a little. A little -I was just gonna, say the same thing. -Cat, Mario, like & quot Ahh. & quot -Oh. He's like paddling around like crazy, like & quot, Meow.

& quot, -He looks kind of happy though. Get'em. Get'em. -I, like this. I, like this., Hold on hold on hold on hold on. -I'm gonna dive right in.. Oh it's, a scrap. -Yes yes. -There. We go. -Get it. -All, right.

, -OK good.. Look at this -So. We have five of those to get. -stack of coins, here. Oh. -And oh no.. Oh, this is frightening.. [ music ends ] -No. No, this is cool.. This game has a really good um snap.

The Snapshot - Mode. -Oh yeah yeah. -You - can take these like really cool --, -Like, really cool photos and stuff and and screens yeah. -All right here we go.. Oh, oh, look at this. This is so cool. Yes.

< i > [ camera shutter noise, ], [, Krysta, ] -This is scary. < /i > -That is awesome.. -This is very menacing.. -Yes.. It's, really scary.. Let's. Just watch it. [ orchestral, music returns. ] -I don't want to.

-Ew.. I don't like it. -Let's leave.. I don't like it. -Yeah.. Here we go. -Even Bowser Jr.'s, scared. -Oh! Here we go. -Do. You want tha -- -Oh now this is now. Let me show you something really cool.

, So you can see that little array of power-ups that we have -Yeah. -You can almost - and this is like different from a lot of other Mario games. You can almost like swap between these., Because so I'm gonna take, and I'm gonna take -- -Oh.

-the tanooki, but it takes the the the cat one that I had and puts it back in my inventory. -Oh. So that you can just kinda trade based on what you need to use, -Eh, yeah., -from, -- -It's; real, oh no.

-Here. We go. Uh oh. -It's, happened. Uh, oh. -Oh! No, the rain has started. -Uh. Ah -The rain. Has started. -We need to get outta here. [, dark, orchestral, choir music ] -We need to go.? Oh my goodness.

Please.. I don't like this. It's, scary. -Oh. There're, also cat versions, see. -All cat versions., [ chuckles, ] -Um, oh boy., -Oh, boy., -Oh, no -What & # 39. S happened, -Ah -Oh! No, I should oh oh.

-Oh. I got back. -No, you're good. You're good. You're good. Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh. -Oh sorry.. Where is [ intense metal, music ]? Oh there there he is. -Yikes. -Yes, so Giga Bowser kinda shows up occasionally and just he just bugs ya & # 39.

You know He'll. He'll, shoot shoot. [ chuckles ] -Shoot shoot fire. -fir-I'ma just duck in this water. -Let's. Let's, hide over here. -He'll drop stuff on you. -Yeah. That's. Good.. -There is a a little upside to it.

Though. There's. A couple um like certain blocks that only he can break with his fire, so -Oh. So sometimes you like open up stuff. -you you! If you wan na get Yeah.. If you wanna get into those, you need to wait for him to show up.

-I'm scared.. Let me see if -- -Oh, oh there's. Another shard. -Wee, OK, hold on. -Oh and then the the cats get kind of nasty. -They get mad. -Yeah. -They're like they're like -They've, been -- -possessed, cats.

-Yeah.. I I don't like them. Now they're like -They're, not as cute. -I don't think they want me to carry -- -Don't pick them up. First of all. -Get get the get the get the Cat Shard. -OK. -Get it. Get it.

-It's, on. Hold on. -Yes. Yes. OK. -Hover around it., Careful, careful, -Ooh. -Oh, my gosh. Ahh. -OK. Here we go -Woo. -Now. If I, if I can get this um Bowser will go away.. Oh here we go. [ heroic brass victory.

Jingle ], -Whew. -Yes. [ music ends ]. So if you get the Cat Shine, it -- -He immediately -- -He immediately -- -goes away. -He. He he's like [ metal, music returns, ] & quot, Ugh, the light & quot, and he runs away.

-Oh. Wow.. That was like my heart's like kinda, beating fast., Still a little nerve-wracking. [ chuckles ]. Oh there he goes. -He's. Frightening. -He's; leaving., OK, bye-bye. -He's very intimidating yeah.

, But he'll be back.. -He is always gonna be back. -Yeah.. Oh, he's. Just like, like goes into the sludge. -Right. [ big band music returns. ] Oh see, but but you see some of it clears away.. Oh now's.

There's more that we can get. -Oh, because we got that Shine.. Ok, cool. -Yeah., All right, let's. Get this one.. Some of these Cat Shines that are part of these bigger kind of built-out areas, but then there's.

There's, these other ones that are just like this one.. I'm gonna need, ah see I can just swap to Cat Mario here. -And then you got ta scratch it. -Yeah and this one is not really part of any major area, but I can still go get it.

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry., -Come on up here., [, heroic brass victory, jingle ], -Yeah. Nice. -Yay., You look like you're about to whack me -Well. I'm going to. -with that paintbrush. -Well anyhow .

.. -I'm, going to. -All right here. We go. [ chuckles ] Smile for the camera. -Cheese [ chuckles, ] -One, two three cheese Got ta, say: cats. Actually, that's. What you should've said: cats. -Cats., [, chuckles, ], [, orchestral, music returns, ] -Yeah.

, All right. -Now. I'm gonna whack you with this paintbrush. [ synth, music returns. ] -This is really fun. Um. So of course, with Super Mario 3D World Plus Bower's, Fury <, i > you pu-, basically get two adventures in one <.

/I > <, i >, which is really nice., [ Kit, ] -Who, knows < /i >. Maybe we'll, be playing Super Mario -Who knows -3D World uh in another video. -Hint hint. -Who knows Who's to say -Hint hint stay tuned.

, Certainly not us., -Um yes.. We are going to get back to our our. I don't. I was trying to think of a cat pun, but I totally could not. [ laughter ] Our -- -Cat antics. -cat-cat-tosphic day. -Ehh. -That's.

Not good.. Ok. Give us your cat puns in the comment section below.. We are going to wrap it up for today. And remember. -Nintendo Minute is never a minute. -We'll, see you next week, bye, -Bye, [, energetic rock music ] [ female rock VO singing ]