Nintendo Monthly Rewind - January 2021

[ male VO ], -Welcome to Nintendo Monthly, Rewind, [, cheery, big band music ]. Our official recap of the news you won't want to miss each month and where to find it. It's a new month and a new year, which means new info on games.

Of course, [ music ends ] [, dreamy, retro, synth, music ] This month was a treat for Pokémon fans and photography buffs alike. We got a closer look at the New Pokémon Snap game. In this game, you'll, become a Pokémon photographer and travel to the Lental region for an island-hopping journey on which you & # 39.

Ll seek out Pokémon in their native environments and capture your favorite moments of them. Along the way you'll, explore dense, jungles vast deserts and more as you attempt to uncover the mystery behind the Illumina phenomenon.

Alongside Professor Mirror. The game launches on April 30th., In January, we got some new trailers for some monstrous games. On January 7th. The Monster Hunter Digital Event gave us 20 minutes worth of reasons to look forward to Monster Hunter Rise.

. We got a new trailer for the game which showed us some new locales new monsters and fascinating new mechanics., Get ready to soar to new heights. When Monster Hunter Rise launches on March 26th., You can pre-order now on Nintendo.

com or Nintendo eShop.. Likewise, we finally got a deep look at the Super Mario 3D World Plus Bowser's, Fury game.. The game has a Snapshot Mode online support for 4-player multiplayer in the Super Mario 3D World adventure and yep the oh-so-furious Bowser.

In the new 2-player local co-op adventure, Bowser's, Fury Mario, must team up with Bowser Jr. and transform into Giga Cat Mario. If he hopes to face Fury, Bowser. The game launches on February 12th check out the overview trailer on our YouTube channel & quot fur & quot, more uh & quot for & quot, more info.

And hey. You may even notice notice our fuzzy friend pouncing around on Nintendo eShop Speaking of Mario, this month included a series of Super Mario Brothers, 35th Anniversary events that will continue through February and March.

. In January the Splatoon 2 Super Mario Brothers, 35th Anniversary Splatfest, concluded in ink-credible fashion.. Congratulations to our winners Team Super Mushroom. You proved that mushroom is might Woomy.

Am I right And don't forget about the Mario Missions. You can complete on the My Nintendo website. If you're, not sure where to start, why not check out the News app on your Nintendo Switch system? There's, an article that lets you “Catch up on the Super Mario Brothers, 35th Anniversary and complete a My Nintendo Mission & quot.

It contains a QR code and if you scan it with a compatible smart device, it counts as one of the Mario Missions for My Nintendo. This month. Some new content also came to mobile devices. Mario Kart Tour players headed to a new city in the game, Berlin.

. The Berlin Tour ran from January 12th through January 26th, but there will be opportunities to play the course in the future. January 26th also kicked off the next tour, the Cat Tour. So if not for me, then do it for Cat Toad.

Ok, Give the game a try. It's free to download on the App Store and Google Play. Nintendo fans have something else to look forward to on mobile in the Dragalia Lost game., We announced Caged Desire a crossover event with the Persona series.

Joker and his friends from The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have joined forces with the Prince to solve a sudden string of strange occurrences., And now you can summon Joker Mona and Panther as adventurers and get a 5-star adventurer Sophie just for playing.

The Caged Desire event runs from January 30th through February 11th. Download the game on the app store or Google Play to check it out Last, but certainly not least, January brought us some great new stuff to play.

Stuff, like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. The Game Complete Edition., This game is everything you love about: the comics, the movie and action games with surprising depth. And another thing: Cyber Shadow.

. If you crave'80s ninja action or you just love sidescrollers, why not check this one out And on the downloadable content front we turned up the heat with the free, No Mercy DLC for the Fitness Boxing 2 Rhythm & amp Exercise game.

In these Intense workouts, your instructor will get a little feisty to push you past that plateau. New Year's Resolutions and all that right, Don't worry. You can always change back to mellower versions of your trainer whenever you feel like cooling, off.

, [ music ends, ] [, big band music returns ] That's all for this month's, Nintendo Monthly Rewind. To keep up with all things. Nintendo or to check out more info on what you heard today or both head over to the channels listed on-screen.

And be sure to check out News right on your device. Here's to a lovely February.