Marth: Man, Myth, Legend | Nintendo Switch

[ Nintendo Switch Snap ], [, peppy, retro, synth, music, ], [ male VO ], -Marth. Nintendo fans know him as a Nintendo icon, but what exactly makes him tick Together? Let's journey back to the beginning, .

... To put it plainly, Marth is the original Fire Emblem hero., He is the descendant of the legendary warrior who founded Altea, the very kingdom. He calls home. When malevolent forces attack the young prince is thrust into exile.

Vowing to one day return and liberate his people. Marth sets out to reclaim the divine sword Falchion and with it banish the evil Shadow Dragon.. To this aim. He recruits a band of allies from across the continent.

. His noble and merciful spirit compelled even vicious foes to swear fealty and together. They strove for peace. Inspiring greatness from those from all walks of life. Heroes such as Caeda Cain, Navarre and Tiki.

He's, a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield.. For this reason and many others, Marth rose to mythical prominence. After more than a millennium. His land lives on and his descendants who wield his mighty sword continue to draw inspiration and awe from the Hero-King's, actions and even his visage.

, And so in his time and beyond. The impact of Marth is unquestionable.. Now the time has come to journey back to the beginning., Discover the origin of Marth meet his friends and see if you have what it takes to keep them alive, so that the prince & # 39.

S tale goes down in history. Fire, Emblem Shadow Dragon & amp, the Blade of Light