I'M DATING WHO?! | Q&A For 50K Subscribers!

Okay, hopefully that synced hello, everybody. I have just hit 50 000 subscribers, which is wow. Thank you so much for subscribing. If you have in true youtube tradition, i'm gonna. Do a q a! I asked you guys on both here and on discord to send me some questions.

If you didn't know when i hit 20 000 subscribers, i did do another q a so. If you haven & # 39, t watched that one, yet it'll, be in this general vicinity. I'm, going to try and answer as many questions as i possibly can, but i want them to be different to the previous videos.

So if you haven & # 39, t seen that one already go and check it out, so let's just get to it. I didn't hit the microphone that time. How many colors has your hair been it &? # 39 s been a lot of colors, some of them.

I haven't intentionally gone so like i've, never intentionally dyed, my hair black, but it has been black. I've, also, never intentionally dyed, my hair yellow, but it's been yellow it's also been green and i've, never intentionally dyed it green.

I have dyed it teal, but not green. So probably most colors, i've, been in the span that i've, been dyeing my hair, which has been since i was like 11 years old, that's a good 13 years. So a lot do you watch anime? If so, what's your favorite, so i do watch anime just not as regularly anymore.

I don't know if i have a favorite there's, so many that i just can't even think of their names. What were the first ever videos when you first made your channel back in 2011.? This is really difficult to believe, but there are none.

There are no private videos on my channel. Apart from the live streams that you guys have seen me, do there's, nothing there's. None on this channel. I did have an old channel, but that is completely deleted from the internet, because that was back when youtube first started, but no there's.

Nothing on this channel. What you see that's! Every video that's! Every video i've ever made. I'm. Sorry, i'm really disappointing. Did you have any jobs? I'm, assuming you mean in the past. If so, yes, all the jobs i've heard of retail.

I don't know if i'm allowed to name them but uh, two of which were like computer type, shops um and the other was a furniture shop, and i also worked in the cafe inside that furniture shop. So, yes, i have had previous jobs and they're.

All retail, which means i've dealt with the public a lot there's. Probably lots of stories. I could tell you, but i don't know. If i'm allowed, do i like star wars? Yes, yes, i love star wars. I do have opinions on the last three movies, but in general, yes, i really like it.

I can't say i'm. One of those fans where i know absolutely everything about everything, but i like it a lot that was annoying my memory card just filled up. Ah, oh my gosh and i just kicked the tripod everything's, going wrong.

It's. A disaster: what was the first game you played that made you love gaming, and why did you like it, probably a pokemon stadium game? We used to play them when i was young on the n64 and that's. Probably what got me into it? Just from then on, i've really liked video games, but it also could have been iggy's wrecking balls.

I'm, not gonna lie favorite disney director, video sequel, lady and the too. I know that's, a really odd choice, but yeah that's. That's, my favorite! How old are you? When did you decide to do youtube and do you do youtube full-time? I'm 24.

When did i decide to do youtube uh, i decided to do youtube last year, but officially this year was when i fully cracked down and was like. No, i'm gonna try. I've, always wanted to work in social media, and i love editing and things like that, and i just thought this is the best route to go down and yes, i do do youtube full-time.

This is now my full-time job. Thank you very much for making that possible. I'm, really appreciative that sounded really passive aggressive. I am genuinely appreciative if you could choose one non-nintendo property for animal crossing to do a collab with what would it be? Oh uh square enix with kingdom hearts or final fantasy.

I think that would be really interesting or maybe disney. Those two would probably make some really good furniture items just imagining it now. What gender are you attracted to? I saw quite a few of these questions um.

So i identify as bisexual all genders are fine with me. I will say on the like scale of it and i do believe that all sexualities there's like a scale to it. I'm, probably more bisexual than biromantic.

I find it a lot easier to create a connection with people who identify as male than i do with people who identify as female, but i'm, not ruling that out. It could just be that i & # 39. Ve met the wrong women.

What type of education do you have? I'm, assuming what you mean is like how high my education goes. If so, then i never went to university, so the highest english uh qualification i have is an a-level equivalent b-tech in media and also drama, but i never did the second year of the drama.

So i've only got first year, so that's as high as my education goes. I don't have any degrees. Personally, on the side, i'm choosing to learn. Japanese, i don't, get a qualification from doing the lessons.

If i choose to go forward and do the japanese language proficiency test, then i will get a certificate to say that i can speak japanese at a native level, but that is a long way off, basically a levels that's.

As far as i & # 39, ve got: where is your name from, as in my youtube name or my real name, because my real name is kirsten, and that is a danish name. I want to say it's, that scandinavian kind of area, but my youtube name, because i did see a question about that is from combining my name with a something to do with games.

Weirdly kirsten isn't included in a lot of video games. I used to get called chris a lot because kirsten kristen, always the same. The people used to jokingly call me chris as a nickname, the pokemon cresselia kind of worked, so that's.

Why it's cresselia! Apparently it's. Also, the german spelling of cresselia, but i don't know. Please confirm that for me, if you're german, what do you enjoy the most about making videos? Slash, motivates you to make them.

I have opinions and i want people to listen to them. Also, i just really like editing so that's, probably a good motivator and it's. Fun. It's, just fun. It helps if i'm, really passionate about the thing i'm talking about, because that gives me more of a motivation to see what other people's.

Opinions are as well, because i like to branch out and see if people disagree. I have a fascination to know if people have the same opinions as me when's, the next ooblets, when i find the save file, if another oobless video is something you'd really like please.

Let me know in the comments uh, because i do have enough footage. I think, from that last recording session, to make a second video, but at the moment, probably stream it over making videos over it. But let me know what are your thoughts on the disney remakes? I've, been tempted to make a video about this.

If you actually want to see that, because i'd love to talk about them, because i do have a lot of thoughts, i've, been watching them with two of my friends like we tried to make time to watch them all Together, we have yet to see mulan, but i have a lot of opinions on different ones.

So if that's, a video you want to see, let me know overall so far i think they haven't been great. Have you ever watched the animal crossing movie? If so, what's? Your thoughts on the film? Yes, i first watched it on the wii.

Do you remember when you could access the internet on the wii and you could go onto youtube? I first watched it on there and that was back when you had to watch it in parts uh and then since then, i have watched it loads of times.

I love the animal crossing movie. I really really love it made me wish. We could be more like i and live more in the animal crossing world. I got asked this a few times. Um. Are you in any relationship? The answer is yes, i am with another youtuber called petey winnell.

I will link his channel down below, so you can check him out. He makes very good content, but it is all pokemon content. So if you're not into pokemon, then that's, probably not gonna be for you. We've, been together, oh my goodness, two and a half years now.

If i'm counting almost two and a half years, weird question, but what's, your favorite utensil? I like this question my favorite utensil is: i'm gonna have to put a picture of it like here. It's from ikea and it's.

A like fork, thingy that you use to stir your food with. In a saucepan that's, my favorite utensil, it was my favorite thing that i've ever bought, but i have one what is slash was your favorite and least favorite school subject.

My favorite was english and my least favorite was maths. I also really enjoyed drama when i eventually got to do that at gcse level, but i am terrible at maths all kinds of maths, mental maths, all of it just can't.

Do it? Did you expect to get this many subs already? Absolutely not. This is out of my imagination. I didn't even think i would have 10k subs. I didn't even think i'd, have 500 at this point, but i'm really proud of myself.

Also, incredibly, thankful uh anybody who's decided to subscribe. It's changed my life and made me realize i could do something i always wanted to do so. Thank you so much best pasta shape. I'm, really boring in like penne pasta, but i also like shells i can't remember what they're called, but i like them.

I just like anything that can scoop my sauce into it. What do i think about the next gen consoles xbox series x, s ps5? I'm, probably gonna get a ps5, but probably next year i have didn't even try to pre-order them, because i think my xbox journey is over, which is really sad, but i think i have a pc and xbox aren't really offering me anything that i can't get on my pc, which is really really good, but that then means i'm, probably going to spend my money on a ps5 for the exclusives and honestly, the last Few years the most enjoyed games i've had were ps exclusives.

I think if you don't have a computer, though the xbox is a really good deal. Have i had any experience with animation? I actually have i had to do it as part of my course, and what i realized is i suck at it that's.

My experience, i did a 2d animation as part of a project. It was a group of three of us that ended up doing it. We actually remade a comic strip into a animation for our grade. I wish i could find it for you, but i don't know where it is, and i don't think they allow you to have access to it.

Unless you have the links, i think all of those are unlisted videos specifically for the college and also it was almost 10 years ago and just as a final thing, because i got asked a lot about my cats.

They are called frisky and tiger. Unfortunately, i only have one of them in the room, but i will grab her. I've just woken her from a nap and i feel really bad about it. She is a girl. They are, oh, my goodness, almost 15 years old.

Are you. 15. Are you 15? I think you're 15 aren't you. I think they're 15 and they are just moggy cats, which basically means they don't have any breed to them. They were born from a tortoise shell uh.

I was there when they were born. I watched them be born. It was very exciting. There you go there. She is just for the video she's very moody. At me. I'm gonna put her down anyway. That's. All the questions i'm gonna answer for today.

Thank you so much for putting one in if you did. If you didn't get your question answered. I'm. Really sorry there were so many. I always think when i put these things out, i'm. Only gonna get like five and then i get loads.

I still haven't got it into my head that, like 50 000 of you watch me it's. Never gonna go in. I'm sorry, but thank you so much. If you did put a question in, i will probably do another one of these at another milestone.

So if you didn't get your question answered, you can ask it again like this video. If you enjoyed it, leave a comment down below of anything. You want to comment down below subscribe, to see more from me, follow my twitter and my instagram.

If you want to see what else i get up to, you can join the discord uh, which the link will be down below. If you want to fun wholesome time - and i & # 39, ll see you next time, bye,