EVERY Bug, Fish and Sea Creature ARRIVING and LEAVING in SEPTEMBER | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

August has ended, and so that means new critters have headed our way, and my battle with the scarab beetle has finally ended. I won by the way, if you've seen these videos before then. You know the drill, if not, then how we do this.

Is i tell you: what's new to the month of september, for each creature, then i'll. Tell you what we'll, be leaving midnight on october 1st and then finally, what to expect next month. I do this for both hemispheres and all the time stamps are in the description down below so get ready, because here we go starting with the northern hemisphere and fish.

All of the new fish in september are river fish just to make things easier on your hunts, but they are dotted all over the place, starting at the top on clifftop rivers. We have a few fish that can be all found between 4pm and 9am.

The cherry salmon char and golden trout in the general river area there are two fish. Turning up. Pikes can be found all day and mitten crabs between 4pm and 9am. Finally, at the mouth there are three fish, all of which can be found all day.

The sturgeon will return and we will finally see the salmon and the king salmon. The latter two are only available during this month, so make sure you catch them or you'll, be waiting one whole year as the warm months of the northern hemisphere.

Start to disappear so do a lot of the fish as of midnight october, 1st, the following will be vacating. First of all, in ponds, crawfish are found all day and gar are available between 4 p.m and 9 a.m.

As for the river, i already told you this month is your only chance for the salmon and king salmon, which are available at the river mouth all day in the rest of the river sweet fish are available all day between 4 p.

m and 9 a.m. You can find the soft-shelled turtle, arowana and arapaima nibblefish are available between 9am and 4pm. Piranha are found between 9am and 4pm and 9pm and 4am dorado between 4am and 9pm, and saddled be shared between 9pm and 4am.

Finally, in the sea, clownfish surgeonfish, butterflyfish, pufferfish whale shark and suckerfish are available all day between 4am and 9pm ocean sunfish are available and i'm still yet to catch one, because i keep messing them up between 4pm and 9am.

You can find the sawshark great white, shark and hammerhead shark, and specifically on the pier the blue marlin, is available all day moving on to the bugs, although there are a few new ones, most of what is showing up are returning ones flying around between 4am and 7Pm we see the return of the common butterfly and yellow butterfly between 4am and 5pm is the monarch butterfly and the newest addition between 8am and 7pm is the red dragonfly on the ground between 5pm and 8am other cricket and bell cricket on tree stumps.

We & # 39, ll, see the return of the violin beetle, which is available all day and finally, we get the return of bugs when we hit rocks between 11 p.m and 4 p.m. Is the pill bug and between 4 p.m and 11 p.

m? Is the centipede just like the fish? Quite a few bugs will be disappearing with the cold flying around between 8 a.m and 5. 5Pm is the aquarius butterfly and raja brooks birdwing. The tiger butterfly is available between 4am and 7pm, and the emperor butterfly between 5pm and 8am, queen alexander's birdwing and the madagascan sunset moth between 8am and 4pm, and mosquitoes between 5pm and 4am on the ground.

Earth-Boring dung beetles are found all day and grasshoppers between 8am and 5pm on trees, between 7pm and 4am. You can get the atlas moth the rainbow stag between 7pm and 8am and walkersakadas between 8am and 5pm on specifically palm trees.

The goliath beetle is available between 5pm and 8am on tree stumps, rosalia baitsy beetles can be found all day on fresh water between 8am and 7 pm are pond skaters and diving, beetles and giant water bugs are available from 7 pm until 8 am finally disguised, as Leaves walking leaves are available all day in the deep sea creature department.

We have quite a few new ones appearing between 4 pm and 9 a.m. You'll, find the chambered nautilus and the sweet shrimp and turban shells oysters and umbrella octopi are available. All day, as for what's, leaving again it's quite a bit between 4 p.

m and 9 a.m are slate pencil, urchins, flatworms and tiger prawns. Horseshoe crabs are available from 9 p.m. Until 4 am sea, urchins, moon, jellyfish, sea grapes and gigas giant clams can be found all day.

Moving on to the southern hemisphere and beginning with fish, as the southern hemisphere begins to heat up, we're, actually seeing some new fish in ponds from september. 1St are tadpoles that are available all day in clifftop rivers, cherry salmon, char and golden trout are available from 4pm until 9am, just like in the northern hemisphere in the general river loaches are found all day and in the sea barred knife jewels are available all day As for what's, leaving midnight october 1st, there are a few in clifftop rivers, stringfish are found between 4pm and 9am in the general river, bitterling and yellow perch are available all day and at the river mouth, sturgeons are available all day in the Sea sea butterfly are available all day and football fish between 4 pm and 9 am on to the bugs.

The southern hemisphere is also getting quite a few bugs flying around between 4 a.m and 7 p.m. You'll, find the yellow, butterfly and tiger butterfly, and specifically around hybrid flowers, is the peacock butterfly.

The honey bee is available between 8 am and 5 pm on flowers, between 8 am and 5 pm. Mantis and ladybugs can be found. Stink bugs are available all day, man face stink, bugs between 7 pm and 8 am and specifically on white flowers.

Orchid mantis are available between 8 am and 5 pm. So what's leaving? Fortunately, there is only one bug leaving the southern hemisphere. This month - and that is the emperor butterfly which can be found flying around between 5 pm and 8 am finally, the deep sea creatures of the south that are new are the following: chambered nautilus are found between 4 pm and 9 am and turbine shells, spider, crabs, Firefly squid and umbrella octopus are available all day and as for what's, leaving again only one - and that is the red king crab - that will be swimming around all day, so that's all about what's new And what's, leaving? So what about? What's coming in october? Well, the northern hemisphere will finally start feeling the pain of the southern hemisphere.

Now that we're beginning to cool down, as there are only two new fish next month and they're, both returning ones, yellow, perches and dabs again for bugs, we're only getting the ladybug, but for deep sea Creatures, we'll, be getting spiny, lobsters and venus's.

Flower baskets, as well as the return of seaweed. The southern hemisphere, on the other hand, are getting a fair few new fish, killifish crawfish, snapping turtles, guppies, neon tetra sea horses, clown fish, surgeon, fish, butterfly fish and zebra turkey.

Fish. The same goes for bugs common blue bottles, agrius butterflies, raja, brooks, bird wings, atlas, moths, madagascar, sunset, moths, long, locusts, donna, dragonflies, giant water, bugs jewel, beetles and fleas will be making their appearance and for sea creatures there will only be lobsters and sea pineapples showing up As usual, any mistakes in this video will be corrected in a pinned comment down below.

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