EVERY Bug, Fish and Sea Creature ARRIVING and LEAVING in DECEMBER | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

( sung ), I really can’t stay. Baby it’s cold outside.. I have to go awaaay. It’s cold in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means all our bugs and fish are disappearing.. Is it nice Southern Hemisphere To be on the other side? Now, If you’ve seen these before, you know the drill, but if you haven’t, then how it works is I go through all the new bugs fish and sea creatures for the month and then all the ones that are leaving as of midnight on the 1st of January And I do this for both hemispheres.

I’d, also just like to say sorry that there was no November bugs and fish video.. Unfortunately, I lost my dad at the end of October and have only just got back to making videos in the last week or so, and so it never got made.

. So let’s begin with the Northern Hemisphere and fish New to December is essentially only 1 fish because all of the others are returning. In rivers. Pond Smelt are now available. All day. In specifically clifftop rivers, the Stringfish returns between 4PM and 9AM.

And in the sea, Sea, Butterflies, Squid and Oarfish are available all day. As for what’s going away. Only 1 fish is departing on January 1st and that’s the Pike which is found in rivers all day., Apart from mine, apparently .

.. That was fast ... on to the bugs Bugs aren’t. Looking that good, either for us up, here. Flying around Emperor Butterflies, return from 5PM until 8AM. And Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing from 8AM until 5PM.

And rolling in snowballs on the ground, we will finally see the Dung Beetle, which is available all day. As for what’s leaving nothing.. So, at least we don’t need to worry about that. I guess. Finally, in sea creatures, We are only seeing the Lobster join us this month and it can be caught all day.

And as for what’s, leaving, we’ll be saying goodbye to the Mussel and the Turban Shell, which are both available all day. Now for the Southern Hemisphere and Their fish, The south, is seeing an abundance of new fish.

This month. In ponds Giant Snakeheads are available from 9AM until 4PM. And Gar, between 4PM and 9AM., In rivers, Arowana and Arapaima, between 4PM and 9AM. Piranha between 9AM and 4PM AND 9PM and 4AM.

Dorado between 4AM and 9PM.. Saddled Bichir from 9PM until 4AM. And Tilapia are available. All day. And in the sea Saw Sharks. Hammerhead Sharks and Great White Sharks can be found from 4PM until 9AM.

Ribbon Eels Whale Sharks and Suckerfish are available. All day., As for what’s leaving only 2 fish are leaving and they are both clifftop river fish and can be found between 4PM and 9AM, and that’s the Char and Cherry Salmon.

On to the bugs New to December flying around from 5PM. Until 8AM is the Emperor Butterfly. Fireflies between 7PM and 4AM. And Mosquitos from 5PM until 4AM. On trees, you can now find the Drone Beetle all day and Rainbow Stags from 7PM until 8AM.

On specifically palm trees. Goliath Beetles can be found between 5PM and 8AM.. There are a fair few bugs leaving this month and they are as followed Flying around from 4AM until 7PM you can catch the Common Butterfly and Yellow Butterfly.

And Fireflies will be leaving come January 1st and are again available from 7PM and 4AM. Flying by specifically hybrid Flowers, Peacock Butterflies can be found between 4AM and 7PM. On flowers, Ladybugs between 8AM and 5PM.

On tree stumps, Violin Beetles can be found all day. And finally, by hitting rocks the Pill, Bug can be caught between 11PM and 4PM and the Centipede between 4PM and 11PM.. Finally, on to the sea creatures, There are only 2 new sea creatures coming to the Southern Hemisphere this month, and they are the Gazami Crab that can be found all day and the Tiger Prawn, which is available between 4PM and 9AM.

And again only 2 sea creatures, Are leaving on January 1st and they are the Chambered Nautilus which is found from 4PM and 9AM and the Firefly Squid, which is available 9PM until 4AM.. So that’s everything that joined us on December 1st and leaving come midnight on January 1st.

. What can you expect in the New Year? Well, the Northern Hemisphere will finally hit their creature. Drought so will be getting a whole load of nothing for every single department. Yup that includes sea creatures.

. Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere you can expect 5 fish to appear Sweetfish, Napoleonfish, Puffer, Fish, Blue Marlin and Ocean Sunfish. A whole bunch of new bugs Grasshoppers Brown Cicadas Robust Cicadas Giant Cicadas Evening Cicadas Cicada Shells, Blue Weevil, Beetles Earth-Boring Dung Beetles, Scarab Beetles Saw Stags Miyama Stags Giant Stags, Cyclommatus, Stags Golden Stags, Giraffe, Stags, Horned, Dynastid, Horned Atlas, Horned Elephant Horned Hercules, Walking, Sticks and Walking, Leaf, .

.. and breathe., And for sea creatures, Sea Grapes, Moon Jellyfish, Mussels, Giant, Isopods and Horseshoe. Crabs will all be coming to a sea near you.. As usual, any mistakes in this video will be corrected in a pinned comment down below.

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