EVEN MORE Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pre-Order Bonuses

Hey guys, I'm crossing channel and welcome back to another new Animal Crossing new horizons. Video in this video I'm gonna be talking about some new pre-order bonuses for Animal Crossing new horizons that have been shown in Spain and Australia, and New Zealand as well.

Sadly, there's, still nothing for all the view, Americans, but I do have some good news for you in this video. So let's get straight into it. The first one we have is this really cool @ kk slider in nano pen.

I really love this one. This one is is great honestly, kakie slider is one of my personal favorite characters and having a pin of him would be really cool. Sadly, this one isn't in the UK yet, but we may see it appear in some other places, and I'm going to talk about that very soon.

The next one and this this is one of my favorites as well. Is this cleaning cloth by extra life? It has a bunch of really cool designs of some of our favorite animals on it, such as fauna, cake, a slider, bunny and stitches and Rosie, and all these great characters that we love and a bunch of little cool icons.

As well, so it's. Definitely really nice to see this one is, is such a great bonus and, as with my last video, I will be linking to all of these in the description. If you do want to order them, these ones are only these.

These two ones are only for Spain at the moment, but now we're gonna get into the one for Australia and New Zealand, and this one is basically the same as what we saw in the last video it's. The keyrings now, if you preorder with EB Games in Australia or New Zealand, you can get one of these free keychains.

So this kind of says to me just judging by the fact that EB Games has gotten the same sort of items that the ones in the UK did get it. It clearly says to me that America and other countries around the world in other countries in Europe and Asia, can expect to see very similar pre-order bonuses.

So I'm certain. You guys will probably see these pins. It's as some of your pre-order bonuses, you're very likely to see the the cloth I'm, imagining, hopefully the tote bag as well from the previous video, and you know, probably a lot of new stuff that We haven't seen yet I'm gonna be reporting on all of it.

Every time that we get to see a few new pre-order bonuses, I'll, try and make a video, especially since I know you guys are still deliberating on which version you want to get and where you want to get it from so yeah.

Let's, keep an eye out for even more Animal Crossing pre-order bonuses, it's really exciting, and I can't wait to see all of them. Of course, you guys can check out the previous video if you want to see all of the ones that were revealed for the UK and ones that you can probably expect to see worldwide to just judging by the fact those keychains have also come to Australia.

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Thank you guys for watching that video it's, exciting, to see even more Animal Crossing pre-order bonuses. I can't, wait to see what else they reveal if you enjoyed be sure to leave a like. You can also subscribe for even more animal crossing content and all the latest animal crossing new phrase, ins news.

So thank you for watching.